Confession #240

#240 78

A wife was tired of sleeping on an old bed ,she complains to the husband whenever he comes home.An idea came to wife and she remembered that there is a pet by the name kitty who was the puppy,this didn’t work on the first day of her thought,she tried her husband again but he didnot seem caring ,it was as if she was preaching into deaf’s ear ,now it was time for trial,she waited for the husband to go for work and decided to call,kitty ,kitty,kitty,where areyou? The puppy came and she instructed it to enter the house,she put kitty on bed and forced it to pee on it,it was a hard task for the puppy because it had never done it before but finally did.the husband came and was tired that he even didn’t bother eating and went directly to bed,my wife this bed is so much stuffy what is wrong? The wife did not bother ,the next day she did the same the puppy now got used to peeing on the bed,the woman didn’t mind of the husband being an hustler and would sweat for him to get them food.this time round the husband slept at the floor because of the bad oduor ,when the wife saw this she cried for forgiveness ,am sorry my husband for doing such a thing ,I knew if I do that way you will buy a new bed for us to sleep on only to find that you are not stable at the moment to purchase another one,so sorry for the mistake.

March 12, 2020 |
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