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Am 32 years of age living in Nairobi and I have a very naughty confession to make. A year ago I used to work in town and every evening as I wait for the jam to reduce I used to go to a particular cyber around commercial. Being a masturbator I used to watch p**n and little by little and I started to m********e there and the orgasms I got were the most explosive considering I was not caught at any time. This one day I saw an empty row and this was the best thing, so I went there and sat, just after logging in a middle aged lady came in and sat five chairs away from me. This got me very horny knowing that I would m********e near a lady, so I started watching my p**n videos and secretly removed my d**k and started stroking it, out of the corner of my eye I saw her staring at me and my heart was beating loud, I stopped but she was still watching me so I continued. I was sure she could see my hand move up and down and this drove me crazy, then she raised her hand and summoned the cyber assistant and she pointed towards my direction. My heart sunk and I knew my proverbial 40 days were over and I closed the p**n tab and pretended to watch you tube. The cyber attendant came and switched the computer next to me and she was asked whether she wanted to use it, she answered that question affirmatively and my heart was pounding like crazy and she came and sat next to me. I felt a touch on my arm and I heard her whisper ‘continue”, I nearly wet on my pants and there I opened the p**n tab again and removed my d**k and started stroking it. She was now leaning and interested in my masturbation show and she whispered again, ‘faster’ and I did it for her and within a minute I felt it coming. The hair raising moment when you know you are Cumming, ropes of sperms sprout out of my d**k to the pc screen and keyboard and my hand. After the euphoria of the climax I came back to my senses and was so embarrassed. I quickly cleaned up the mess, logged off the pc.

June 8, 2020 |
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