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Am a 54 year old woman, widowed and mother of three children – a boy of 17yrs and two girls of 15yrs and 13yrs. I am an international civil servant and a practising Christian.

I am not writing to you to look for a spouse but to send a heartfelt cry to all parents and also to ask for advice.

In fact, I live with my three children, in my house, I am usually at the office all day long and except weekends when I am at home.

And since the authorities stopped the classes, I have forbidden my children to go out, they are confined since the beginning, there is only the cleaning girl who comes to work and leave.

As for the children, I keep a close eye on them but today I am overwhelmed by what is happening.

Every month I check that my daughters are well, because the older one often has stomach aches when she is in good health, so I get along each time.

But odd enough in April she didn’t show anything, and I noticed early signs of pregnancy, so I asked her to collect some of her urine for me yesterday morning, and then I did the GIT which turned out positive.

It didn’t tell me much, in the evening I went back to her room to discuss calmly with her to find out who is the author of this pregnancy.

To my great surprise it is with tears in her eyes that she told me that it is her older brother. and that since the cessation of classes this is what they do at home when I’m not there, and even with the youngest. that’s when I remembered that she too is not in period for a long time because her period began at the age of 11 years. so I undertook to do yours too, unfortunately it is the case.

Always calmly, I called my son to ask him what really happened.

He admitted the facts with his sisters, and he has been out of the house since last night and I haven’t heard from him.

I really need your advice, I am devastated, I see my dreams shattered after so many years of consecration. My husband has been dead since 2009 and I am in charge of everything.PART 2👇

May 20, 2020 |
2021-01-13 21:31:25

I don’t know what to do, I want to see my children grow up together and become responsible people but with what is happening to me, I have no strength left in me.

I have thought about abortion but I am a believer and my faith doesn’t allow me.

2021-01-13 21:31:25

All I can tell you is God will not let you see shame. He will give you wisdom to handle this issue. Please avoid being violent towardd they children.. it may be difficult but try not to.

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