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Am a lady, in university and i have a boyfriend and at the same time three wealthy sponsors. My boy is okay with it because i support him financially though i know he would prefer i didn’t do this. I love him alot, excess and i can’t think of my life without him but when it comes to sex, he comes at number 4 behind the sponsors. There’s one sponsor that i wouldn’t leave even if he stopped sponsoring good thing he doesn’t know it. he is around 35 years, married with kids and has an average d**k, almost same size as my bf’s but he knows how and where to hit the nunu. He is perfect at foreplay, i don’t like being too obvious but i always make sure he eats my nunu everytime we meet, there was a time we did it in his car just outside my hostel at night and a day after a friend of mine told me that surely we were f*****g because the car was shaking if only she knew i was the one trembling because of the c**t job i was receiving. When he inserts his d**k in me, he knows the rythm i want, it’s like he is in my head he knows when to hit it hard and when to go slow, sometimes i wish they could exchange some ideas with my bf so that he learns what i want. i can f**k with my bf then go and get fucked by him and still feel like its like i hadn’t had sex in weeks but after a thorough f**k by him, normally i just sleep and relax even my bf knows no sex can happen after i visit that sponsor. The rest are still good in bed but that one is the best. Finally, a small peek at other colleh chilles who accuse us of being s***s, they gets fucked kwa bash or by their bfs and play them with other campus guys but get nothing in return na wako broke sana. it’s exactly what i do but them they do it cheaply and still think they are Mary’s. my friends if you decide to give out nunu to multiple guys, then at least do it for something and stop viewing us as being different from you.

July 20, 2020 |
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