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Am here to get help from you ,my name is Tabitha from kileleshwa my problem comes from my own mother whom I believed in .She has been my closest friend ever as she always gave me advice on how to succeed in life. We have been living happily all through .I decided to share with her my story that I found a loving and caring boyfriend,whom we shared good and bad together .She agreed with me on that and told me to keep him always by my side.I informed her that I would bring him to pay us a visit on our home and without hesitation I brought deed ako m cute,na kuongeza ako na six packs n side beards za mother upon seeing him akaturn wild akaanza wooow what a handsome man ,umeshinda hata hubby wangu,I got confused nikashindwa niseme Nini .Kuficha aibu nikaenda kitchen to prepare for him something ,I left them in the living room talking.a week after my father had gone for a seminar nami nilienda job Tao n singeenda home karibuni.I received a call from my boyfriend telling me that my mom called him and wanted them to meet huko shags,na dad hayuko home .Which direction should I take should I stop my boyfriend from going Kwa mum ama I leave them because ni kama wamekubaliana.

March 14, 2020 |
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