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Am in this relationship with a guy ,he was married some times back its now 7months since they separated. They separated because a this guy used to drink alcohol and sometimes never came back home.I loved the guy soo much and he told me his wife left him.I asked even some of the friends and they told me that’s what let them to separate. The woman who went had one kid whom she came with from her previous relationship. Now the issue is,this woman came on Saturday found the door of this man was not closed, she opened ,cleaned the house and she started cooking because the man was away.the door was opened because I lost the key while I was with him and he broke the door. Now the wife is there and am at home.we meet with the guy daily and he promised to marry me as a second wife since the first wife just forced to come back.He has even told his parents and her first wife that he loves me in my presence.

June 16, 2020 |
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