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Am married to my wife for 7 years now. We are blessed with two kids. Tumekuwa tukikosana juu ya vitu kidogo kidogo bt tunaongea tunamaliza hiyo maneno poa. Before our sex life was amazing but after our second kid 3years ago things started changing. Nowadays she doesnt like kissing me or even me touching touching her and she doesnt like sex like she used to. Before we have sex i usually go down on her until she o****m then we make love but of late i have to insist so much so that she agrees to have sex and mostly she has been giving me conditons that i should make it quick which i dont like and it kills my morale to having sex with her. I have also realised that she has to watch p**n while am licking her in order to o****m and when we are making love she is always closing her eyes na tujifunike kwa duvee ama kaa ni usiku she wants lights off in order to enjoy sex. This has really affected me so much mpaka nakosa usingizi usiku. I have never cheated on her and i dont plan to but i want to ask ladies here coz they are in a better positon to understand why. Could she be seeing someone else?

May 6, 2020 |
2021-01-13 21:31:20

Penye mmefika na huyo bibi yako maze huwezi saidika.but unaeza amua u b a man enough and kick her out.she is obviously cheating on u.anapigwa kende huko nje dryfry/..raw d**k(pun intended).atakupea hiv and utakufa watoto wako wateseke bure.for the sake of ur kids just kick her out.imgn anatombwa huko jamaa mwingine anamwaga ndani alafu wewe mwenye unalipa bills unalamba hyo kuma.she is cheating on u but u r so busy licking another man’s s***n from her p***y u can’t even notice.mfukuze Tu kama unapenda watoto wako.

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