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Am married with kids our sexual life has been pathetic i always feel my man doesn’t satisfy me we hve talked but nothing has ever worked my man does zero efforts smtymes he says he’s stressed or anaumwa na kichwa or he is tired now of late problem is arising we had two consecutive intercourse n it ends up dismally my man now complains ati simwagi haraka like before even if there is foreplay he has to do it for along tyme for me to organsm which is true sometymes there is ni organsm at all he insists am masturbating something i hve not done he ejaculates so fast n am never happy so during the act i always try to hold me abit n that does not plse him too we hve tried to talj n he insists i hve a problem that am nolonger able to be satisfied by any man on the contrary i feel he has a problem of cumming so fast.

June 11, 2020 |
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