Confession #681

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Good morning, Isaiah40:31, those who wait upon the Lord ,shall av their strength renewed,they shall mount up high like an eagle,bla bla….an eagle is a focused bird,very wise in choosing.When a male eagle is ready for mating,it goes up so high in the sky carrying a twig,it I dentify where a group of female eagles are,and drop the twig,so the female eagle that will grab the twig in the sky before it drops,become the best lady to mate with.after that the female eagle will she’d it’s feathers ishara kwamba it’s getting into a new covenant…so we av also suffered coz we don’t sacrifice to get precious love.qfter getting one we sit back n relax that we av reached without shading our old deeds.ladies n gentlemen.if we become Keen n don’t look at physical beauty but a pure heart,by not being driven crazy by love but attentiveness like that of an eagle,then we shall reduce some stress, marrying at the right mature age.understanding one another n praying for strong foundation..our homes will be a happy place to stay..shalom

May 29, 2020 |
2021-01-13 21:31:28

Amen. Atleast some sober soul in the house.

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