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Guys, am Santana ,23 years old .I have a boyfriend whom we have dated with for four years down the line now,tumekuwa tukifanya kila kitu pamoja hadi hakuna mwenye hakuwa anajua kutuhusu ,this guy always do whatever I ask him to do for me in short he cares alot ,when I saw that he is responsible I decided to take my sister who was a little bit younger than me to stay with in our house .Within few days my man decided to open for me a beauty shop where I could spend my day and get home in the evening ,he also has a hardware where he works as a manager so I had no doubts or thought that he might get back to my sister.all was well with me and I saw the job to be good and profitable . One day I woke up as usual and prepared for work .my husband was still asleep and said that he was not going for work he was feeling unwell ,I wished him quick recovery as I went,when I came back in the evening he was still asleep that I knew the illness became worse ,on telling him we go to hospital he refused and said he will be okay,days passed by and my sister was changing her behaviours ,one day I asked her ” Maureen mbona umebadilika siku hizi hadi walking style,and the response was kila mtu achomee mahindi Kwa line yake I did not ask her anything again nikaleft kwenda job but sensed there was something fishy with my siz.i went and left someone wa kuniuzia hadi nirudi .I hastily climbed the stairs heading to our house.on reaching the corridor nikaskia ingiza polepole ,sawa uko mtamu kushinda dadako ,I lacked what to do nkaishiwa na nguvu ju despite having sleeping with him all those four years and am pregnant for his baby they are planning to wed next month what shall I do ? Please advice

March 12, 2020 |
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