Confession #885

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Hi guys I need ua advice pliz MA hubby had been sneaking out after bathroom so one day I followed him nikapata kwA neighbouring plot I followed his voice ad I knocked the door I found him akikunywa changaa kwA Huyo mama there was two ladies ad two guys the ladies were half naked so tukarudi na yy Hm he promised to change nahatawai Enda huko Tena so yesterday Akaenda Bafu on MA way nikitupa Takataka nikamuona akitoka Bafu Nakuenda I followed him alienda hadi to that same house the lady is hv she is very sick now but after returning Hm with him we started arguing akaanza Kuvunja plates thermos afterwards Akaenda kulala the kids were afraid of him so we spend the night on the chairs late in the 9t akaanza kusema I shld leave the house he is tried of me he usually say that when we argue I should pack MA things I wonder what shld I do I don’t have parents I had become burden to MA grandparents I usually tell myself nitajipanga Niende Kama nimerent nyumba but MA kids r still young wanahitaji day care where shld I got a job venye hawAtateseka pliz advice I’m so down as stress no insult pliz

July 2, 2020 |
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