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Honestlt, we are living in very tough times. Most men and women who have the responsibility of taking care of there families but lost their source of income are going through a lot of pain and suffering. You lost your job or your business due to Covid 19 it’s tough. House rent to pay, food medical expenses just to mention a few is becoming very difficult to afford. Marriages are breaking up and family conflicts are on the rise, teenage pregnancies due to poverty are increasing. Depression is on the rise, so be it high blood pressure. If you still can afford or enjoy life as before, thank God. People are suffering out there. But all said and undone we shall overcome this pandemic. If you are in a position to assist someone even if it is a slice of ugali for lunch do it,dont throw it away. Even if it is not food talk to someone who looks depressed just give them words of encouragement. Let them know it’s not only them going through that and everything will be OK even if not normal.

August 18, 2020 |
2021-01-13 21:31:44

Best thing ive read all day

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