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I always feel like women hate me. I am not looking for a relationship. But looking back in my life since childhood peoplewho have caused problems are women. One-time I had to beg my mom to reduce pressure on me. Even at school the I don’t really vibe with women. They always talk negative about me even in my presence. Though I am not lazy but I wonder why can’t they just leave me alone. Some girlfriends I had before have now turned into my greatest enemies. They turn others against me. Honestly I just hate women now. I get angry when girls investigate about me or flirt with me. Why do women nag me even when I have not wronged them? Some of them insult me the first time I see them yet I have never talked to them. I am cursed with this gender. I totally don’t understand..I wish they could just leave me alone.

April 27, 2022 |
2022-04-27 20:38:16

Bro, there's an aspect of trauma that causes one to see what isn't there.
Say if A has been burnt once, they will always avoid smoke because they are traumatized by fire. But that shouldn't mean that they should be afraid of mist as well. Because then even innocent steaming food will cause one to fear for a fire that might break out of that.

What I'm saying is maybe it has been the case in the past, but are you always having your guard up with every woman coming into your life now? Are you always expecting them to be nagging or problematic before they even open their mouth? Because then a simple 'hey' can sound like a nag or you may treat that with doubt in the expectation of disturbance. Frowning upon the most innocent and friendly approach and anything a woman says will sound like 'blah blah blah' because you're already expecting negativity. and that way you are always going to be an a*s. And if a new woman reads negative energy on you she will give negative energy right back. Cycle

2022-04-27 19:15:12

I think you should learn to be assertive even if it means,you may come off as an a*****e to women.Don't take bullshit lying down,of course it shouldn't get physical.Stand your ground and make no apologies for it,as for girls flirting with you,they aren't to blame for what the others did to you.Learn to forgive and forget,not because others are worthy of forgiving,but because your heart deserves peace.It's not good to walk around with such bad feelings in your heart, enjoy life and every day you are alive.As for the nosy ones investigating you,if they're not attracted to you then tell them,to mind their own business.Otherwise,if a girl is attracted to you, she'll naturally be curious about you.Don't push such girls away rudely,you can politely and firmly tell them,now is not a good time,maybe later.Because you never know,some of the girls trying to flirt with you,may be the most awesome women you'll ever meet

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