Confession #43

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I am 30 yr old married man with two kids. I am romantic in bed and my wife loves it. I want to confess that I love to see two women f*****g each other. It turns me on like h**l and I love it very much. My wife is not romantic and she is boring and I find myself going to strip clubs to see women doing it. I also like to watch l*****n p**n on my smartphone. I have tried a couple of times to befriend some l*****n couple to come and spend time with me secretly but I have never gotten the chance. There is this lady we have been friends for about 5 years and we went to a strip club drunk and I paid this hot stripper to dance with her and do stuff. The stripper did not disappoint as at all, my friend was, kissed and caressed until she was out. I even paid a room and requested the stripper to take her there then I would join them. The sex episode I had that night was the best in my entire life. After that, my friend was asking for a round two and was ready to approach a ready so that we could f**k. I don’t know what will happen to my family.

February 24, 2020 |
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