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I am a successiful businessman in his late 30’s. am married but have a cute mpango wa kando she is over 27yrs, curvacious na yellowyellow na nimemjengea nyumba. sitaki kutype mingi but here is my confession. mostly i visit my mwk on weekends. actually strictly weekends. so three months after she moved to the house nilimjengea, she starts having sex with this guy. a very young guy,probably a teenager or in his early 20’s. how do i know this, i have spy-cameras all over the house, talk of tech my dear. but shida ni moja, i never got angry on seeing the footages even first time. actually that’s what i have been masterbating to siku izi. i don’t even enjoy online p**n.The way that the kaguy f***s her is so good that sielewi. i try that but it doesn’t work even on my wife. surprisingly he doesn’t have a big d**k. i just enjoy their sex footage. sometimes i wish i could hear their sound. am even pling on upgrading the tech hapo. There is a time that i just fantasize about the guy f*****g both my wife and my mwk. am not g*y at all. There was even a time they f****d from monday to friday daily then nikaingia sato. I know am messed up somewhere but i enjoy it. . reputation muhimu

December 16, 2023 |
2023-12-21 15:46:07

Bro u bn cucked

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