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I am an American, and I have lost all faith in democracy. The abject chaos that the United States is currently in and the atrocities committed by Donald Trump should be proof that the backwards country yokel or the average blue or white collar wage slave cannot be trusted with political power, let alone choosing the country’s leader. The vast majority of citizens are politically illiterate, not knowing what’s best for them or their country. They’ve grown too complacent and pleasure-loving to be trusted to choose any other political path that damages their comforts in the slightest.

We need to return to the old ways, one strong but benevolent leader moving the country forward and destroying our enemies without the constraints of Congress or political parties, whilst protecting the people from themselves and putting the collective good of the nation above all else. Think Josep Broz Tito or Mustafa Ataturk.

June 7, 2020 |
2021-01-13 21:31:34

But how would you guys wish things to be handled? Justice means this guys to jail? The n what?!

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