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I am just 2 years in marriage.
Before, everything was just fine, but now am feeling strange,, I mean i have no feelings to my wife either.. Am bored when she’s around me, It’s now one full months i have been just forcing myself to act normally. Am afraid when she will find out that am no longer interested with her.
The worse thing is that ,even if she seduce am neither reacting to.. But unfortunately am always admiring other ladies out there even those that am sure my wife is cute than them. Am stranded.
What might be the problem? And How can I go about it.. ?
The more we be close the more i get disliking her,,

July 31, 2020 |
2021-01-13 21:31:43

Something must have caused all these change in your feelings towards her. Did she cheat? Did she grow fat? What changed?

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