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Aki am really stressed up right now I need some advice from you guys. I am now 23yrs old and I feel overwhelmed in my marriage. I got married with one kid to a guy who’s willing to accept me with the baby.

The problem comes in here, his mom (my mother-in-law) had strongly warned him that he should not marry a lady with a child since he was young. Note that this guy is born again and he fully understood what I went through and accept me that way and he’s 5+ years older than me.

We at first moved in together but 1year later, we are considering doing a wedding and the day is already set. His mom doesn’t want us to do a wedding and he even called and kerereshad him sana.

Vile ameskia mipango imeendelea sana sasa anadai kabla harusi iombwe anataka waongelelee hiyo mambo ya mtoto and according to vile anaongea anataka hiyo harusi isimamishwe mind you tumeenda hadi kwa AG. Something else is that I’m 3 months paged.

The guy is ready for the wedding na haagree na mamake but I feel like quitting everything myself. I can’t imagine myself being discussed na wazee wa kijiji nikiulizwa mambo ya baba mtoto coz itself is a painful story I don’t like talking about. I’m feeling so down hadi I’m tempted to do an arbotion though ni kitu singedhani naeza fikiria, and then move out and have my own life.

We live far from the mum but I hate how she keeps calling na wanaongea for almost an hour all concerning me. Sasa mother-in-law anasema anataka kuclear na yeye ju ya kufanya mambo alimkanya ndio asipate curse but mi najua anataka wameet ndio amkataze.

Aki am a born again christian but naishiwa na nguvu. Please advise me ama niquit coz I really hate being discussed and I can also see her plans ni kututenganisha.

January 19, 2021 |
2021-01-19 15:27:03

As long as uwa huby loves you na your kid uc panic…c manake anakuoa ni kijana wake anakuoa

2021-01-19 15:26:48

Sori. But i knw about marriage and family, theres no single day you wll leave to enjoy the good fruits your marriage when your mum in-law is totally against the relationship btn you pple.

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