Confession #246

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I am the only boy child from our family while the rest are girls.During Form-one admission, I was in the line awaiting to be admitted by who was busy recruiting new students.When my turn came I viewed it to be different from the rest of the students.Madam took much time in admitting me , always congratulated me loudly that I was smartly dressed and looked to be behaving well.After admission,madam always came to class to encourage me to work hard in school for I seemed to have a bright future.I always liked that but never knew that she was up to no good .But kabla tufunge last term,she came to me in the field na akaamua kufungua roho.”Hey guy,haki kusema tu kweli am your teacher but I always feel that you be my boyfriend” I was like nilishtuka ,mi mwenyewe sijawahi guza Dem tangu nizaliwe alipoona nimekimya akanisho ninyamazie stories then nitampa feedback.Enyewe ukimwona madam hata ka mkubwa kwangu,ako vity Ile bad aki mpaka am stranded I don’t know what I can do Cox roho ishamkubali na mi nimeshindwa vile nitamsho Cox kwanza ako na bwana, pili,sijawahi guza Dem tangu utotoni then she is my mum’s inner friend jameni mnisaidieni kufikiria

March 12, 2020 |
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