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I came to abroad and left my man in Nairobi,he was to take care of my small girl while I was away,we communicated for 2 months he visited her 3 times then I was told by my neighbour that he is dating someone who is seen even wearing my t-shirts,,when I called him to ask he denied it. It was a Sunday when I decided to send my sister to visit my house without notifying him,only to fine a woman shoes and his shoes infront of the door and the neighbour told her they have gone to church!This time around he was still refusing and I was so much praying that it was not true,one day about 4 months were over he changed his mobile number,my mum couldn’t reach him any more even when my child needed him or was sick. I couldn’t reach him either. 6 months later the neighbour here in facebook told me that the woman is pregnant in my house. I felt like dying,I was so much hurt,I cried so much still miles away and was so painful to remember that someone is in my house,everything inside there was from us both,worked very hard for those things,was so much pain when he run away and left my daughter as small as 1 and a half years old. I was in pain like you. I took time before healing and moving on. Yes he is right he can’t stay alone but,,,,,for love he can sacrifice my opinion. He can respect the love you pple have and atleast hide himself if he need some sex for survival till you reunite. Mein was stupid,very irresponsible to ignore and neglect my daughter,now it’s 10 years down the line,he got 2 children and came back here on face book to cry that his wife usually beats him🤣🤣🤣. He goes to my mum’s house and cry like a baby for me to forgive him and take him back but,,,,am I stupid???who will take care of his 2 children and wife???I ask him that and what he always say is that it was the biggest mistake he made,,,but who cares???I have a very good job,my girl is very smart and beatiful moving on,single but very happy in Germany.

May 24, 2020 |
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