Confession #300

#300 89

I don’t know how to explain this, then she stretches and the more she stretches the deeper I get inside and she gets wet inside her p***y. It feels so nice and I f**k her hard to finish her , as still she locks her legs, she parts her legs and mine too part and I know she is about, out of nowhere she holds me pulls towards her and bite me, its super exiting. I later came to know they are called hickies, then she slips a finger in my a*s but I did not know how it got there because I was tipsy. I just feel the c*m coming through, I have never c*m like that , not before and not ever again, I c*m some hard I felt so good until my heart was about to stop, I c*m inside her and when it is that tight it made her c*m until she was shaking. After we were sober we were like what happened? We had to take it slow, my d**k was painful and her p***y had sores and was pink. My testicles were hurting, it’s like I had c*m all my sperms, ever since that day I have never had such an experience. They went to study abroad.

March 28, 2020 |
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