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I don’t like you. You’re not very good at your job. Your coworkers think your jokes are lame, and your boss doesn’t even notice when you come in late every day. In fact, the only thing you have going for you is that one time I saw you eating an ice cream cone outside and it made me smile. But other than that? You’re just kind of a waste of space, honestly.

I mean… I understand why people like you. You’re smart and funny, and you’ve got great hair! But let’s be real here: if this were a competition—if we were all actually in a room together and being judged on our merits—I would win hands down every time over anyone else in this office! And yet somehow… somehow YOU are above me? It just doesn’t sit right with me at all—and it never has.

I’ll admit that there were times when I thought about making my feelings known—just saying what I thought about everyone in here—but then I thought about how much worse it would be for them (and for me) if they knew how much contempt I felt for them as a group of people… so instead

July 15, 2022 |
2022-07-16 17:20:44

You're not better than anyone. Calm down you spoiled brat

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