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I enjoy having sex with my relatives.It started with my sister who was a virgin. We did it again many years later while she is married. Next was my cousin,my dad’s sister’s daughter.
Last year it was my sister-in-law(brother’s wife). No penetration but I fingered her many times to o****m, played with her b*****s, we kissed and hugged her for many days and nights while her kids were not around or sleep, and she even sucked my d**k. I worked very hard not to f**k her,I just wanted to save my brother something sacred.
My other sister-in-law has been flirting with me via text for the last few months. Who knows pengine we will f**k within the next year. I won’t mind having a secret baby with her,possibly a daughter that she does not have.
There is a cousin by marriage who for sure wants a baby from me.We have never f****d. She wanted me to get her pregnant late last year but then she chickened out the last minute because she had a loser boyfriend.They ended up breaking up and now she has been saying she wants to get pregnant by me.All I have to do is help her financially raise my baby with hers and I am willing to do that.
There is something I find so erotic in having sex with relatives.But I am very discrete, although I no no affair is foolproof.
The other thing that can bring me endless happiness is meeting a married woman,having a secret affair with her,getting her pregnant, and having her husband unknowingly raise the child.
Despite what I have written here,I am a well educated professional guy,a good job,nice kids,a decent place to live,and if you met me in person,you would not even believe that I have such thoughts in my mind. I get really turned on by taboo sex.I must have my first baby with a relative next year,since I dont have enough time to do it this year.
Please dont hat me,I am just a regular guy. For all the horrible things I have done in life,I want to help a woman who is having a hard time getting pregnant by her husband get a baby. I hope to be lucky.

May 7, 2020 |
2021-01-13 21:31:20

That makes the two of us. The lockdown made me go down on my horny sister yesternight. We did not f**k, but we may do it this week. She is in form 4 am a form 2.

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