Confession #612

#612 96

I had a crazy sister in-laws. One day the older sister was kicked out by her husband and she came into our house. When I gave birth, she was jealousy of the things my husband bought our child. She claimed that he should buy for her kid too. Things heated up until one day claimed that she owe my ex husband 20k way back in college which he has refused to refund her. She decided to auction our households to recover her money. That’s where I moved in. I threw her outside plus all her siblings. Now I became the topic of the year. After a while my ex husband started accusing me that I should have let her do whatever she wanted and leave in peace. I told him to go and marry his sister. I also called the sister and told her to marry her brother. When his father called asking me why I’m insulting the lady, I told him that your daughter and son are perfect match and they should marry each other, and that he should warn her daughter coz whenever she will cross my road I will cross with her. Today they are both still single

May 20, 2020 |
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