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I had my twin sons a year ago today and their dad makes me regret the day I was born! he literally tries to break me in anyway possible. the twins are sick and he knows that they can’t go to daycare. he offered to watch them while I work and then reneged on it because my oldest daughter‘s dad came to my house to see her. Mind you, he lives with a whole woman and left me for said woman while I was pregnant. I ended up giving them my last name because he wished death on me and them while I was pregnant, so not only does he continuously throw that in my face, but he demands that I give him money when the income tax rolls around. I just want to disappear

December 20, 2023 |
2023-12-20 09:47:54

Sounds like a lot to handle but you are an amazing women and momma for taking care of your baby’s hang tuff and breath im sorry you are going through this!

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