Confession #480

#480 353

I have a voodoo ritual for you all: Lay in a bathtub full of boiling s***n and maggots while urinating in your mouth. Then put your head under the s***n and let the maggots fill your nose, ears, a**s and mouth. Swallow the maggots, and regurgitate them into a twelve year-old girl’s mouth as she sleeps. As she begins to squirm and scream for help, begin tearing off her pajamas and underwear, while breaking her arms and legs to prevent escape. Start defecating on her stomach and smear your f***s all over her torso. While she is crying, begin urinating under her eyelids, causing her to vomit. As she vomits, stick your tongue out into the stream. Knock her unconscious and take her to the boiling s***n-filled bathtub and begin drowning her, pulling her up at the last minute. As she is in unbearable pain, suspend her upside-down from the ceiling, then take a kitchen knife and begin slicing off her nipples. Lick the blood and f***s off her torso and begin skinning her alive from the waist-down. As she is screaming, choke her with her own nipples and slit her throat. And as an act of good faith, kiss her on the head and return her body to her bedroom with a message carved into her stomach: “God told me to do it.”

May 6, 2020 |
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