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I have been going out with this lady for four years and we have a kid together, the problem is that she no longer turns me on. When we met we were inseparable and we fucked about four times a night. The problem begun when she got our daughter, I lost interest in her. Before I met her, I was the guy of one night stands being a lecture of two universities assured be a steady flow of young ladies and used to change them on daily basis. Now we f**k once or twice in a night and have to force myself sometimes faking it all. Last year I started sleeping with one of my student and the sex was hot. She lets me do anything to her and when I go to her home we end up f*****g the whole night. Sometimes I sneak out of class and we hook up in my office, we f**k about 4 days of the week in the office. I am planning to dump my baby mama but I don’t know how to start.

June 8, 2020 |
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