Confession #795

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I have been having a lot of stress in my head because I have never had sex, am now 22 years old. My pals and homies do not know about this, all they know about is that am a f**k boy and the man every girl would love to be with. Some of my pals even come to me seeking advice on how to have good sex. Just for your information, I am not g*y, and I am not afraid to have sex either I just find it that way. I have had several relationships with different girls, and it all ends up in disappointments because I never invite them to my room. All I do is meeting them on roads and public places just to avoid having sex with them. There is one chick who is virgin too, and everybody thinks we have had sex with her, this damn hurts me, and I know it’s also dull to her. All my pals believe I’ve laid every girl they see me with, but it’s the opposite, I am living in such a huge fantasy.

June 10, 2020 |
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