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I have been married for four years and have been so faithful sijawai mcheat ,but he is poor man I regret I would listen to mymum nisiwai oleka na mwanaume maskini ,,esp saai am not working since corona inze tukasimamiswa maisha imekua tough Sanaa I swear.. staying on doors kumtegemea imekua ngumu Sanaa since I have used all my savings those past 4months nmekua indoors..Now m planning to cheat him to get money i have no otherwise akii,since we haven’t resume to work .my baby is so sick no money to take him to hospital,the father hayuko job pia yy alisimamishwa so itabidi..i have a man who supports mi Kiasi kiasi adi this month ni yy amenipee pesa za rent but bdo hatujalala na yy ,he knows am married thou.just we stay separate with my hubby ,yy hukaa naivasha it’s where he works and mi Nairobi since ndio job yangu iko my plan is cheating on him so far so good .. hakuna otherwise…kaa adi ya kukula saai ni ngumu the other side my baby is so sick so I can’t just sit down and watch all those problems….am planning onces I resume to job I quit marriage I b alone ,I try my best as a single mother…. having a poor man it’s not a joke

July 9, 2020 |
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