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I have just discovered this Confessions site during the lockdown. And honestly, I like it. Though sometimes it is full of disgustimg g*y posts. Am a 27 years old Kenyan lady with a small confession: I was a married woman until last year Dec, on that day, my exhusband came home drunk and beat me up. The next morning I left with my kid and I started my own life. I used to feel lonely after the breakup. There was this particular man who was so sweet and caring, he used to call me all the time and talk for hours. He would come to visit me at home. One day something happened so fast that I was left regretting. He used to come over as usual but after some time we had sex. Up to today I have never healed, I felt I cheated on my exhusband and so I started to distance myself from him. When he calls I just get casual and the conversation is over. I don’t know why am feeling like this and yet am not even together with my ex husband. I think I have not gotten over him in my mind.

April 8, 2020 |
2021-01-13 21:31:15

Eminem the american rapper sang in “8 mile song or loose yourself”. This opportunity comes once in a life time. Be with this new guy, End of story.

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