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I have this bclose friend. She shares her secrets with me n I really feel for her.. she told me this n I failed to know what advice was I to give her that will be the best,,,, it’s this way,,, she has been in love with someone for 3years, despite what her boyfriend did to her she still never stopped to love her, text n even call, the girl used to help his bf with some money whenever the guys requested,,, but despite that the guy seemed to be rude to her, he even abused her whenever the girl complained why he blueticked her on WhatsApp or either ignore her texts,,,, it came a time,this guy started posting a different girl never cared of hurting my friend. But later my friend’s guys broke up with the new girlfriend. It took a period of some days the guy changed all over a sudden, he started calling my friend,doing quick reply of texts,n the conversation was sooo good. One day,the guys told my friend that, he is sorry coz he has impregnanted another different girl n the girl has given birth. My friend was so heartbroken, but the girl was told that she will be married bcoz,she is so caring n loving. So my friend asked the guy,what abt the girl you gave a baby? It brought up another issue,the guy got upset with that question n blocked my friend but my friend since she loved him Soo much she begged to be unblocked . The guy unblocked her but at the other side my friend decided to give up and give a different person a chance who she didn’t had strong feeling at first with.. so the current boyfriend was good at the start but all over a sudden he has changed saying he feels like the girl doesn’t love her n is like he is forcing issues n at the same time the girl feels the same way… I don’t know how to handle this friends please help a friend she is soooo depressed

November 6, 2020 |
2021-01-13 21:31:48

Tell her to eat well dress well and enjoy life. Love is always around

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