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I have three younger sons with two Kisii ladies(never married to either lady), but my two oldest daughters are adults. I have been divorced three times and financially support my 3 younger sons since I am not with the mothers. I’m not a tribalist,but would like to have more kids with women from other Kenyan tribes just to diversify my genes. I have a few graduate degrees but I have never been able to sustain a marriage.I’m not an a*s,but I seem to relate much better with both my sons’ moms without being married and I have concluded that at my age,best option is to have kids to enjoy and/or help a lady raise than to waste my time with marriage. I’m highly selective on who I have kids with and prefer a lady who has no kids currently. I can’t have more kids with the sons’moms because one is married now and the other does not want more kids. Would be nice to have some daughters actually. People will think I am nuts but am actually one of the sanest sweetest guys and I have been a great father to all my children.I love being a father more than anything:)

May 6, 2020 |
2021-01-13 21:31:20


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