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I joined campus some 3 years ago and as usual fell in love though I was this shy dude in campus. The bad part is that I fell for a church girl. She wouldn’t give the goods to me as other guys were given by their gfs. So I felt so ashamed and low self esteem… I begged for it but to no success… She said the goodies are till marriage. I loved this chiq dearly and couldn’t sleep with any other chiq… The bad part ni ati nlikua na nyege nyingi zinanisumbua. So what I did was take my gfs pics n musturbate to my satisfaction. So I stopped asking for nunu n masturbated with her pics instead. So one day as I was busy having pleasure, my gf appeared uninvited n caught me pants down literally. To my surprise she was turned on and she got on top of me n f****d all night. She opened up that she used to musturbate too n watched a lot of p**n in private…
Since then we have been f*****g every now n then all styles and watch a lot of p**n…

July 12, 2020 |
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