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I love the new look here. My confession goes like this. Two years ago, I did something that I have only done once in my 9 years in marriage. I cheated but with a woman. Not saying that it’s right or justifying it but I have never felt any guilt about it. In fact am hoping that it happens another time.

The woman in question is my husband’s older sister. There were rumours that she might be less or bi but they were just rumours, no one had actual facts. so she is not married and one day she decides to visit us. This was the first time she was visiting and to be frank, we didn’t get along well. She wanted her brother to marry another woman, her friend back then. So she comes at around 4 pm, we talk together with my husband who works nightshifts and we kinda start to gel.

Evening comes and my husband heads for work, my kids have supper and head to their rooms upstairs and am left with her in the sitting room. we have some wine, catch up and she even tells me that what she did in the past was just nonsensical. I got to say, she is a very seductive woman. As we are talking, she raises her dress up and shows me a tattoo she had on the inner part of her thighs. The thighs are yellow yellow, and for a reason i don’t know I got kinda turned on especially on seeing her pink panty. we continue talking and suddenly we are talking about her rumours of being a l*****n. she laughs and tells me if she were, she would have been all over me already. She then got near me added some wine and kissed me and asked how it felt. I said nothing, she kissed me again and I didn’t resist and soon we were making out hard in the sitting room with lights on. I noticed my kids might walk in on us so I asked if we could take matters to the bedroom and she obliged. To cut the long story, all my fantasies about women were quenched that night. we did everything and I tasted my first p***y that day.

January 15, 2021 |
2021-01-18 14:20:54

how was the experience though?

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