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I love this site. Big up to the founder. Now, am 35 years, not married and not planning to marry any time soon. I have a girlfriend and we f**k a lot. She is weird sometimes as she has the fantasies of seeing me f**k another lady. That’s not the point, my point is that I don’t feel or even love her at all. Worse of all, the girls were crazy about and I approach, take me along well no sex and later break my heart by telling me they love someone else. Honestly, I watch a lot of p**n and I feel lost in my life. I wonder if I will meet the pity girl I desire, whether I can start a relationship and even marry. Am brown, handsome and not too tall. I go to the gym a lot thus I have a good body and fun and my current girlfriend can’t let me go. It is hard to tell her I don’t love her because she is so committed. I pity her very much and I don’t know where to find a girl who can match me. Am good in bed and can take any married or not to bed and I feel guilty about it. If I had a woman who makes me think about her all the time I would not do this. Please advice.

March 4, 2020 |
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