Confession #143

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I met this guy in my first year in campus. He was charming and funny, a stounch member of the church youth. I fell in love with him and by the second semester I moved to his room which was within the campus. As curious as I was , I did not mind about the church meetings he used to attend every weekend. It was until then I that I realized he was in another relationship and he was planning a wedding with his fiancée that December. Desperate to keep my man , I got pregnant for him , this did not stop him and the marriage went through as planned. I bore my son and I am swore never to trust any man again. More so the church goers.

March 4, 2020 |
2021-01-13 21:31:09

I can not blame him here, you loved him but he was not in love with you,
You even new he was in a relationship and he was faithful to it, even when the devil came in

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