Confession #783

#783 80

I met this guy on a hookup and the way we flow I knew I had got the right man. We arranged to meet in town and after three days we met, nothing happened. Then he asked for dinner in my room and I invited him. When he arrived he brought some chocolate and wine which we shared after taking the supper I had cooked. After dinner we watched a movie and as we were halfway he asked to go out and make a call at the balcony. When he came back, he started kissing me and pulled my thong and started f*****g I right there in the living room. He was so hard and pumped furiously until I thought he wanted to destroy me then he came on my b***s. Later he asked to make another call, and when he finished he came back and fucked me hard again. I got curious as to why he goes outside to make a call and come back horny, that’s when he started crying, I was shocked, he told me he had a step sister who is half Kenyan and half German, and he used to f**k her since he was 15 years. He said the only way he would get hard or want sex was to just think about her or hear her voice, I just dried his tears sucked his delicious d**k and told him to think all about her as far as I am the one getting fucked. We had two more intense rounds and in one of the he called her as he was inside me and put her on speaker, he came so hard when she was breathing and talking on the phone. I plan on seeing him again as his sex is sweet and as he knows I don’t mind his freaky nature.

June 8, 2020 |
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