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I moved to Nairobi recently, after my husband insisted that we need to stay together and raise family together. He works few kilometers away and he told me most times he won’t be coming back due to traffic and the cost of fuel. I am very sure he comes back but spends elsewhere coz he will even come after two days, but wearing different clothes from ones he left with. One time I asked him and he told me he has a friend who keeps his clothes.The truth of the matter is that he goes to another woman ,whom they have sired a kid.My mind is not ready for this drama anymore. Please help me how I will tackle this once and for all coz sitaki haya mazoea hata kidogo. I have been stressed past few days but am looking for the best way to handle this issue. Kindly advice.

January 7, 2021 |
2021-01-13 21:31:48

Don’t start any drama ,,, so long as he’s providing for you and your kids and you , let him be,,,,, for your own peace of mind body and soul sis

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