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I rented an apartment with my boyfriend. We paid fifty fifty. Earlier this year he brought in his friend to live with us against my will. We were to get married once he’s done with his Masters.To cut the long story short, I am 3 months gone for his friend, sadly this friend has a serious relationship.

My guy believes that he is responsible for the pregnancy.When I told his friend that I’m pregnant for him,he said I should pretend that the baby belongs to my guy, while he looks for money to rent his own apartment and then end his relationship with his girlfriend. I love him and would want to settle down with him.

As for my guy he will deal with it, because I did my best to discourage him from bringing his friend to live with us. Moreover he wasn’t serious about marrying me. Where I need advise is on how to deal with his girlfriend because she happen to be someone i know(close). And do you think he will rent an apartment and take care of me as he promised ?

April 28, 2023 |
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