Confession #305

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I used to date quite a number of guys back in university, sometimes it gets supper overwhelming especially some of them have same name and I would mix up their details.i found myself replying chats to the wrong person.i saw this would land me on much trouble little did I know that once an addict ,will remain to be an addict.i decided to choose one guy by the name Ryan whom I kept in mind all through.he was so loving and caring the so called “husband material”but was just relationship.we dated for three years after which our relationship broke since I felt he didn’t satisfy me as back to those days.we had no conversation for one good month since I blocked evening ,I decided to go through all the messages that we were writing for each other,tears rolled down my cheeks and cried bitterly out of regret s.i decided to go and pay him a visit.i got to his house and opened the door.”Ryan”,I called out to him while holding flowers which I intended to apologise to him with.i didn’t see him anywhere in the I know I have been something but am sorry.we will fix everything and back to our normal life only to get no response.i realised there must be something wrong.the phone rang with no was in the bedroom.i waddled there and found him lying on the floor covered by pool of blood.No!No!Baby don’t leave me.i shrieked forgetting I was alone.he was quite that I tried shaking but all was in vain,he was already gone.

April 1, 2020 |
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