Confession #815

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I used to stay kwa ploti fulani and there is this lady who was a goat wife, so hakunipenda kabisa the reason was I have a baby boy but yeye had two girls also tulilipa rent the same yet she is married to this “luo” man na Mimi niko single so she used to wonder vile naishi. The two girls were one from her previous relationship na wapili na the hubby. The hubby alikua ameseparate na his first wife who had two boys and married this lady. The lady was obssesed na kupata baby boy ( coz hubby anamtusi kula siku yeye hawezi zaa boys) this made her hate me more. She also didn’t like anybody who had a baby boy kwa hio ploti. She started tabia ya kuchapa my son……but she got what she wanted from me. Akanistaki kwa the hubby and I dealt with both of them properly. I decided to hama from that plot coz I don’t like kelele mob( am the silent type kwa ploti). The lady hakutosheka and she followed me na akaanza kurudi my son saying that he is I’ll manned coz he is a son of a single mother……..I felt so much pain but since I could not urge with a fool, I told her I don’t have time kubishana na mwanamke hajazaa kijana( I knew this would hurt her kama vile words sake zimenihurt) she happly announced to me that she is expecting a baby boy. Kumbe she had used dawa zote za kienyenji just to try apate baby boy. Dawa za wakale, waluo, waluhya, wakisii, wakikuyu…….I mean zote. Leo nimepata udaku that the lady alipata mtoi last month na she got a BABY GIRL. Ilibidi akahama kwa hio ploti pia yeye coz she had announced to everybody that ako 100% sure anapata baby boy….. Am planning kutafuta place alihamia niende ‘chai ya mtoto’……..

June 14, 2020 |
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