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I wanted to ask women,why they diss a guy they wanted to have sex with,when the guy has moved away from the neighborhood.You see,I once was talking to this girl,Tiana.I met her when I was doing some household shopping.I bought some things at a shop,she used to work for.Now, first time I met Tiana,I felt she liked me.So,to make sure of that,I decided to do half of my shopping one day and come back later,to do the other half.When I went back,I observed her body language and confirmed my suspicions that she liked me.So,I spit my game,Tiana was very talkative afterwards.I asked for her number,she gave it to me.Now,we talked and agreed,she should come over on one Sunday.I thoroughly prepared for her,mpaka nilifua duvet na nikampikia kuku.She failed to come,nikakula kuku na blue balls.I called her once, she didn’t answer.Nikanyamaza, I then physically went to see her,since people lie too much on the phone.I wanted to observe her body language again.So,I went,she was welcoming,I asked her why she didn’t come,akanishow alikuwa anafua.I then asked her to come on that Sunday,she told me she wasn’t sure since she’d be going to the salon.I told her,to stop playing with me and just tell me the truth.She insisted she was going to the salon,and said if she’d finish early,she will come or if not, she’ll come the next Sunday.She didn’t come that Sunday,and I once again,went to physically see her that Saturday,to see if she’d flake again.She didn’t come,I called her on Wednesday at night,she answered and said she didn’t know whose voice it was, after I asked her.Now, I decided to bother her since she said she didn’t know whose voice it was,I sent her obscene Whatsapp texts and voice notes.After bothering her until I was satisfied,I went to see her,I told her I’m the one bothering her.She tried to act serious but her smile gave her away.Now,she decided to deflect from her flaking by acting,as if she was mad I played with her mind.She dropped the act,but the next time I called her at

April 27, 2022 |
2022-04-27 07:28:20

Continuation: 11 pm,she was rude,I told her to stop that.She mellowed down after that,now I heard a man in the background speaking as I was on the phone with her.That's when I cut the call,I finally pieced together the puzzle.I concluded,that she was a kienyeji imported to Nairobi by the owner of the shop,she worked at.And she lived with the guy,and that's why she could never come to my place, although I could see she wanted to come over and we f**k.I may be wrong in my conclusions,but I have closure.Although,I have to admit despite her thick accent,I was looking forward to having her in my bed.Anyway Mimi hudinya Kuma na SI accent

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