Confession #798

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I was grabbed at the stage , its called 41, its on the junction of Phase 3 and 4 in Dandora. The first man hit me with a mzinga bottle , I remember it , it was the Flirt Vodka one, the next one hit me with a rock, when someone asked them what was happening they said I am a thief, I had robbed them.

They grabbed me and dragged to the dump site its called Boma. Njeri , here I was beaten my stomach was rained blows and some even used their boot clad feet. She says calmly while I’m crying . These men have knives and one had a gun, they taunted me to leave or scream ….

They took turns on me all night until 5am in the morning, I dragged myself to my house, I showered for hours trying to get it all out, I remember them telling me they had HIV .

Did you go to the police, no she whispers, they said if I tell anyone they will kill me. Its my friend that called you and you came and rescued me.Do you want us to go to the police I ask? No she says , I don’t want to die.

We are going to Nairobi Women’s , because she has been vomiting and we are afraid that she may have sustained internal abdominal injuries.

June 11, 2020 |
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