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I was raped when i was around 8 years old by a boy, and I am a boy as well. He forced me to do sexual things with him even though i was only 8 and was threatrning to kill my family if i said anything. He also used to make me tale drugs, he put drugs in oranges and force fed me. I am suicidal and i will still be until i find him and confront him about it. I have tried severally but i still cant make it through. I just cant live with myself. Im hurting inside and i need help but i will ask for it when its much deeded.

June 29, 2020 |
2021-01-13 21:31:38

Dont beet up yourself so much. S**t happens. Dust yourself and get going. It’s not what you wished for. But since it happened, get used to it. We don’t wish bad things to happen to as. Most important, if the pervert is still alive, please forgive him, forgetting is hard, but please try to forget too. Move on with your life. Never think about killing yourself, you will be committing another grave sin. Dont go to h**l….at least not his early. If corona has not forced you out of this world, don’t be in hurry bro.

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