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I went for an interview and I was asked of my hobbies.. that was easy.travelling, watching movies bra bra.. and the Guy happened to be that” movies guy”he was excited and asked me have you watched “money heist”I said “ Yeeees ,actually I finished watching it yesterday. He went ahead and told bad they killed Nairobi.wah sema confusion, he was a white guy and I was like yeah so bad that’s my capital city back in Africa.. he was like waaat?i continued explaining how beautiful Nairobi bra bra.. the guy was just staring at me and said “ forget about it” and wrote something cut long story short he later told me I need to watch money heist for “ real”and have never felt so embrassed coz he told me in that movie Nairobi is a person not a place.Have never felt so embarrassed like that day , good for me I still got the job but I don’t like meeting him along the corridors, atulie tu kwa ofisi.Next time I will substitute watching movie with cooking so that can give recipe comfortably.

May 17, 2020 |
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