Confession #898

#898 67

I wish to kidnap Linustheloser/Alacide and tie her limbs to a metal table, then force her to wear nothing but a dirty long dress with sleeves that conceals almost all of her body from the neck down, which will retain her body moisture so she will grow mold and fungus all over her skin as she lies on the table for months, possibly over a year, while her lower-half soaks in her own urine and f***s.

As Alacide is in captivity, I will only feed her raw meat and only allow her to drink tap water filtered through the meat, this shall be her only means of sustenance.

Eventually I will come and tear Alacide’s dress off, then I will lick the filth off of her naked body as she screams and begs to be set free. After I’ve finished licking her clean, I will rip off her unwashed pubic hair, then take a scalpel and make an incision in her skin starting from her clitoris, all the way up her abdomen, and ending at the bottom of her chest. As I cut open Alacide’s body before her very eyes, her screams of agony will be most arousing as her organs are exposed. I will remove her organs, starting from minor organs and ending at vital organs, and show them to her as she can only watch in horror. I will force-feed her some of her own organs, and even consume some of them myself.

After Alacide inevitably dies from the extreme physical and mental trauma, destruction of vital organs, and blood loss sustained during this procedure, I shall remove her skin and begin cutting into her exposed flesh so I can separate the meat from her bones. Once the removal of her flesh is complete, I shall begin cooking Alacide’s flesh until the meat is rare, as one would cook a steak, at which point I shall consume her cooked flesh and enjoy it’s irony taste from the raw meat I forced her to consume for months prior to her demise. After I finish my meal, I shall store her surplus flesh in my refrigerator for later consumption.

July 6, 2020 |
2021-01-13 21:31:39

Just write a horror or a fiction book. These posts of yours are just booooooooring bro

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