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I’m 40. A mum of 2, married. All my life I never thought I could ever date or have sex or even admire anyone younger than me. My husband has been out of the country for some time. So out of dry spell, I met this young guy. 27. One thing led to the other and we ended up having sex. In my entire life I never had the sex that guy gave me. Aki he knows where to touch, when and what to do, sometimes I could scream and say words I can’t explain. I have never had orgasms after orgasms before. I have never squirted before and the first time he made me squirt I even thought it was pee. I was embarrassed till I knew what it was. Now my confession is, my hubby was abroad and he came back this December, and now that I have to end things with this guy, I don’t know if sex with my hubby will ever feel anything like with this guy. I love my husband and it was only about sex with this other guy, and he knew it too, but now I can’t stop thinking about him. Yes we ended things but he’s all I think of any time I’m horny.
I’m I crazy?

February 6, 2021 |
2021-02-06 06:13:09

I don't mean to spoil your fantasies, but ukiendelea hivyo, mtakufa wote. Teach your husband how to make you happy. Do it in a way that will not intimidate him. You can share a whatsapp forward ya hiyo subject.

2021-02-06 06:08:43

If you had mutual agreement that it is just for sex, I don't see anything wrong. If your husband is not open to your advice on how to make sex good for you, then just go get banged by your Ben 10.

But just remember, he probably is f*****g his age mates too. So you better be careful before you kill your husband.

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