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I’m a straight chic but got a curiosity for women once in a while. There’s this time in Nairobi I went to a lesbians bash, dragged by a friend of mine who was Bi..
There was booze, weed and lots of girls.. so there was dancing n people took shots n smoked weed.. everyone let lose so there was this chic, curvy had beautiful twins, really soft skin n really welcoming smile, who came and sat next to me akaniuliza kama mimi ni Virgin(hiyo sector of course). I told her I was actually dragged to the get together by a friend of mine but confessed I kissed a girl before.. so we got to talking and she kept telling me she’d like to kiss me coz my lips look tempting… made me blush a little
Fast foward 2am everyone’s wasted, decided to sleep on the couch and she asked if she could join me..She kept pressing her a*s on my groin pretending to try and get comfortable. so I decided why not give in just this once, was a little tipsy anyhow.. So I got to touching and caressing her b***s n when I noticed she responded, I slipped my hands in her thighs.. then slipped my finger in her p***y… it was so warm I couldn’t resist playing with it.. So I went down on her and the taste on my mouth was amazing, I was all wet with excitement .. we went on for like 7mins till she came…
That’s how my secret interest for women started..
Waiting to have such an experience again..

February 21, 2021 |
2021-03-01 06:55:46 reach out through this email I can organise a girl we can f**k together. 😘🍑💦

2021-02-21 21:40:42

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