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I’m married and I have a son who is eight months. I was in campus when I got pregnant with him after 2yrs of dating. I dropped out at the end of my second semester because I had a difficult pregnancy. Soon after,we moved in together, that was when I was 6months pregnant. At the time we we’re dating, I was helping him recover from a relationship that almost caused him his life coz his ex sturbed him 3times for reasons till date I know not. When we moved in, I soon caught him flirting with a lady and when I asked him, he became defensive, saying that as a he should not be asked anything about that, I then caught him flirting again. He insults me all kinds of words, he even insults my mum and my family. He tells me that am wasting my time when I put up with all his insults and abuse. He tells me that if I ever caught him sleeping with a lady with a masters degree, I should not complain because I don’t have one yet he is a professor and that he hasn’t married me and he will never propose to me and that even if I tolerate him, he might one day marry a second wife. As we speak, I’ve been living with his parents who are very kind to me and want me to redeem their son from the person he has become after being through traumatic experiences and give his life meaning and purpose. I also want to give my son a complete family but I don’t know if I can take it chronically depressed. kindly advise me

July 8, 2020 |
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