Confession #773

#773 250

In 2004, a little boy named Jimmy was sleeping in his bed. He then woke up and walked in front of his laundry room and spotted a glass antique doll with blond hair on the laundry room window ledge. He glared at the doll and screamed, “W***e! S**t! The sandwich that never knew bread!” Jimmy immediately regretted his decision as the doll glared at him and jumped off the window ledge. Jimmy ran outside faster than he thought possible and shut the front door behind him, leaving the doll trapped in the living room.

However, once he ran off of his porch, his clothing vanished and he was sucked a*s-first into the sky at the speed of light. Once he reached space, his naked a*s crashed through the floor in his living room. His a*s was sticking out of the floor in his living room whilst the rest of his body was trapped underneath his house. He couldn’t even move a single cheek!

Then, his vision somehow transported into his living room, and he became a mere perspective. It was as if he was looking at himself through a security camera. He saw the doll slowly approach his a*s, put its head on his a*****e, and then scream, “Your scourning parading, matched! No more truly will away!” Immediately afterwards, the doll let loose a high-pitched screech that sounded like the scream of a little girl. This act inflicted extreme amounts of tickle upon Jimmy’s a*s!

Now that you have read even a single word of this, the same glass antique doll will suck you up into space, crash your a*s into the living room, and inflict extreme amounts of tickle upon your a*s! To avoid this, post this whole post on 3 different websites, or there will be no truly will away for you!

June 7, 2020 |
2021-01-13 21:31:33

your a*s is fine cuisine, b***h! i’m going to shove my cabbage patch kids in there!

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